• Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Model : LC-500HS

Excellent workmater for CNC lathe processing. Your best choice for easy operation, high working efficiency, labor & cost saving.

  1. Change sizes easily & quickly.
  2. Special designed hydraulic vise available for any position, suitable for various sizes and shapes of workpieces.
  3. Process bilateral milling & drilling simultaneously, quickly & accurately.
  4. Multi-purpose auto processing machine for both milling & drilling.
  5. Best choice for power & space saving.
  6. Easy operation for even non-skillful staff.

Working example 1:Bilaterial milling + drilling


Specifications\Model LC-500HS Standard accessories
Spindle Spindle speed (cut) 800-900RPM
Extra motor frequency converter 500~2000RPM
Tool Box
Hydraulic vise 1 set
Central lubrication system
Cooling water system
Level block & ground bolt
Operation manual
Drilling R.P.M. 1400-1500RPM
Extra motor frequency converter 500~2000RPM
Main spindle milling shank NT40, BT40
Drilling hole tilt NT40, BT40
Spindle nose bearing dia. Ø 90 mm
Travel X axis travel cutting length 130-400mm
Cutting length 50mm by changing milling head length.
Max. stock capacity Ø 10 - Ø 60 mm Optional accessories
Y axis travel (longitudinal) 360mm
Z axis center height
(slide table surface to main spindle center)
102 mm Milling cutter head
Milling cutter blade
NT40 collet chuck set
Central drill
Chamfer cutter set
Motor frequency converter (adjust spindle speed)
Work table Size 300 x 350 mm
T siat size 12mm x 19mm x 8mm
Weight load 420 kgs
Feed size 6500 mm/min
Cutting speed 1 ~ 6000 mm/min
Motor Spindle motor 2 HP x 4 PC
Hydraulic pump 2 HP
Coolant motor 1/8 HP
Machine size Dimension LxWxH 1920 x 1200 x 1580
Machine weight Kgs 1580 kgs