• Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Model : LC-1200HS
Simultaneous double sides milling + center drilling for vehicle, motorcycle, vessel and agricultural machinery's engine, crank axle, motor spindle parts etc.

Standard accessories:

1.Tool box
2.Hydraulic vise 1 set
3.Central lubrication system
4.Cooling water system
5.Level block & ground bolt
6.Operation manual

Optional accessories:

1.Milling cutter head
2.Milling cutter blade
3.NT50/BT50 collet chuck set
4.Central dril
5.Motor frequency converter (adjust spindle speed)
6.Safety guard
7.Chamfer cutter set
8.Auto feed devicel

Working example


Bilaterial milling+drilling(Turing OD, Chamfer) Simultaneous double side face milling + center drilling(chamfer) Ø25mm/dia (30 sec./pc).

Specifications\Model LC-1200HS
Spindle Spindle speed 1500RPM Extra motor frequency
conberter 500~2000RPM
Drilling R.P.M. 1500RPM
Spindle hole tilt NT50/BT50
Drilling NT50/BT50
Spindle nose bearing dia. Ø 125mm
Travel X axis travel cutting length 600~1200 mm
Max. stock capacity Ø15 mm ~ Ø40 mm
Y axis travel (longitudinal) 320 mm
Z axis center height
(slide table surface to main spindle cetner)
132 mm
Work table Size 500 x 1100 mm
Weight load 600 kgs
Feed size 5000 mm/min
Cutting speed 4500 mm/min
Motor Spindle motor Cut 5 HP x 2 PC
Drill 5 HP x 2 PC
Hydraulic pump 3 HP
Coolant motor 1/2 HP
Machine size Dimension LxWxH 3400 x 2250 x 1920 mm
Machine weight Kgs 5000 kgs