• Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Bilateral 4-spindle Auto Milling + Drilling Machine

Model : LC-700AH

Excellent workmater for CNC lathe processing. Your best choice for easy operation, high working efficiency, labor & cost saving.

  1. Change sizes easily & quickly.
  2. Special designed hydraulic vise available for any position, suitable for various sizes and shapes of workpieces.
  3. Process bilateral milling & drilling simultaneously, quickly & accurately.
  4. Multi-purpose auto processing machine for both milling & drilling..
  5. Best choice for power & space saving.
  6. Easy operation for even non-skillful staff.

Working example: Bilaterial milling + drilling(chamfer)


Specifications\Model LC-700AH Standard accessories
Spindle Spindle speed (cut) Extra motor frequency
conberter 500~2000RPM
Tool Box
Hydraulic vise 1 set
Slideway guard
Central lubrication system
Cooling water system
Level block & ground bolt
Operation manual
Safety guard
Motor frequency converter
(adjust spindle speed)
Drilling R.P.M. Extra motor frequency
conberter 500~2000RPM
Main spindle milling shank NT40, BT40
Drilling hole tilt NT40, BT40
Spindle nose bearing dia. Ø 90 mm
Travel X axis travel cutting length Cutting length 150mm ~ 450mm
by changing milling head length.
Max. stock capacity Ø 10 - Ø 60 mm Optional accessories
Y axis travel (longitudinal) 360mm
Z axis center height
(slide table surface to main spindle center)
102mm Throw-away high speed drill
Cutter blade
Work table Size 300 x 350 mm
T siat size 12mm x 19mm x 8mm
Weight load 420 kgs
Feed size 6500 mm/min
Cutting speed 1 ~ 6000 mm/min
Motor Spindle motor Cut 3HP x 2PC
Drill 2HP x 2PC
Hydraulic pump 2 HP
Coolant motor 1/2 HP
Machine size Dimension LxWxH 1880 x 1450 x 1920 mm
Machine weight Kgs 2850 kgs



CE conformity.


Large flow cooling pump, reinforce chip flush device, 100L cutting water tank which releases cutting heat quickly.


Precision boring / milling head
Powerful slide table, precision & sturdy assembly, double cutting design.


Optional accessories ROLLER AND SER