• Heavy-Duty I-Form Strucure-STE-25

Heavy-Duty I-Form Strucure-STE-25

Model : STE-25
  • Sturdy construction allows for heavy-duty cutting.
  • High quality cast iron FC-30 which is heat treated and homogenized,
    this strut designed for providing precision processing.
  • Hydraulic , Roller servo or Hand wheel.
Optional accessories:
Spindle head 、 Motor 、 Hand wheel.
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Model Spindle Head Motor A B Stroke(mm) Max. Load
Hydraulic cylinder
Drill Tap Spindle Head
STE-2570 FD8 F8N SH30I-ER32
SH40I 側固 Ø25
2HP 700 237 140 150 Ø63With rear buffer
STE-25100 FD8 F8N 3HP 1000 202 440