• Heavy-Duty Milling & Slotting Machine

Heavy-Duty Milling & Slotting Machine

Model : LC-250HD
Excellent Workmate for Milling Machine. Your Best Choice for Easy Operation, High Working Efficiency, Labor & Cost Saving.

Working example


1.Change size easily & quickly.
2.Special designed hydraulic vise available for any position, suitable for various sizes and shapes of workpieces.
3.Best choice for power & space saving.
4.Easy operation for even non-skillful staff.
Specifications\Model LC-250HD
Spindle Spindle speed RPM surely may supplement the motor frequency changer according to the client demand, but changes the speed.
Main spindle milling shank NT50, BT50
Travel Z axis travel length 250 mm
Y axis travel (longltudunal)  
Z axis center height (slide table surface to main spindle center) 270mm
Work table Size 400 x 600 mm
Weight load 500 Kgs
Feed Size 6000 mm/min
Cutting speed 1-5000 mm/min
Motor Spindle motor 5 HP
Hydraulic pump 3 HP
Machine size Dimension L x W x H 1600 x 1600 x 1800 mm
Machine weight Kgs 3000 kgs

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