• Horizontal drilling、chamfer cutting machine

Horizontal drilling、chamfer cutting machine

Model : LC-120S
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Function of the lathe on the desk, drilling chamfer cutting to hole one-way at the same time.

Optional auto feed device is available for manpower.

Working example


Specifications\Model LC-120S Standard accessories
Spindle Spindle speed (cut) 2000RPM
Extra motor frequency converter 500~2000RPM
Tool Box
Hydraulic vise 1 set
Central lubrication system
Cooling water system
Level block & ground bolt
Operation manual
Motor frequency converter
Drilling R.P.M. 2000RPM
Extra motor frequency converter 500~2000RPM
Main spindle milling shank SD45-15° collet
Drilling hole tilt ER25
Spindle nose bearing dia. Ø 125mm
Travel X axis travel cutting length 120 mm
Max. stock capacity Ø30mm Optional accessories
Y axis travel (longitudinal) 100 mm
Z axis center height
(slide table surface to main spindle center)
30 mm ER25 collet chuck set
Auto feed device
Safely guard
Work table Size 200 x 300 mm
T siat size 250 kgs
Weight load 420 kgs
Feed size 6500 mm/min
Cutting speed 1 ~ 6000 mm/min
Motor Spindle motor 5 HP/4P
Hydraulic pump 2 HP
Coolant motor 1/2 HP
Machine size Dimension LxWxH 1600 x 1350 x 1700 mm
Machine weight Kgs 1500 kgs

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